How To Make Finger Rings – DIY Ideas

Whether you’ve bought a new dress and are looking for matching finger accessories or you’ve been trying to find the right ring for a very long time, either way, you wish you could just make your own perfect ring. We’ve granted your wish! Here are 15 amazing DIY ideas to make your own personalised rings.

1. Beaded Chain Ring

via – Nearly Crafty

2. Rose Quartz Ring

via –  The Effortless Chic

3. Seed Bead Rings

via – Gloria Fort

4. Wrapped Crystal Ring

via – Gina Michele’s blog

5. Wire Wrapped Ring

via – Make and Fable

6. Gold Leather Thong Ring

via – Eryn With A Y

7. Easy Elastic Ring

via – Make & Fable

8. Clay Dream Ring

via – Gloria Fort’s blog

9. Living Succulent Ring

via – Succulents and Sunshine blog

10. Beaded Stackable Rings

via – Mauritza Lisa’s blog

11. Leather Bow Ring

via – Dream A Little Bigger

12. Heart Ring

via – My White Idea DIY

13. Fabric Button Rings

via – Live It. Love It. Make It

14. Elegant Chain Rings

via – The DIY Diary

15. Faux Granite Rings

via – Fall For DIY

How To Make Finger Rings - DIY Ideas