Make Your Own Pillows!

I do not know a single person who doesn’t need pillows. Apart from being a necessity, it adds to the cozy-ness of your room or spices up your living room. Are you tired of looking for pillows that go with your home or personality? Have you always fancied a kind of pillow, but never found it?

This do it yourself article will help you make pillows of your choice and design with easy to do tutorials and it won’t even cost you a lot. Here is about 24 fun do it yourself pillow ideas that are so cool once they’re done. Get set to make your own personalised pillows.

Make Your Own Pillows!

1. Modern Art and Pillow Templates for Spring

Make Your Own Pillows!


2. Instagram Pillow

Make Your Own Pillows!kidpep

3. Repurposed Shirt Pillow Cover

Make Your Own Pillows!suttonplace

4. Big Bow Pillow Cases

Make Your Own Pillows!raegunramplings

5. Rosette Pillow

Make Your Own Pillows!thriftychic

6. Mini Prewzel Pillow

Make Your Own Pillows!scjohnson

7. DIY On The Go Reading Pillow

Make Your Own Pillows!polkadotchair

8. Pillow Bed

Make Your Own Pillows!snip

9. Hawaiian Style Felt Floor Pillows

Make Your Own Pillows!purlsoho

10. Pillow Talk

Make Your Own Pillows!refabdiaries

11. Anthro Inspired Pillow

Make Your Own Pillows!thegildedhare

12. DIY Old Jeans Pillow

Make Your Own Pillows!ashbeedesign

13. Circus Animal Cookie

Make Your Own Pillows!studiodiy

14. DIY Button Pillow

Make Your Own Pillows!makeit-loveit

15. Ruffled Pillow

Make Your Own Pillows!honeysucklelife

16. Color Strips Scrap Floor Pillows

Make Your Own Pillows!snip

17. Watercolor Pillows

Make Your Own Pillows!teendiy

18. Spray Printed Wheat Pillow

Make Your Own Pillows!vanessachristenson

19. No-Sew Funfetti Cake Slice Pillow

Make Your Own Pillows!awwsam

20. Cuddle Floor Pillow

Make Your Own Pillows!snip

21. Dyed Doily Pillows

Make Your Own Pillows!crapivemade

22. Tufted Round Patchwork Floor

Make Your Own Pillows!snip

23. Waffle Cushion

Make Your Own Pillows!snip

24. Jelly Roll Floor Pillows

Make Your Own Pillows!modabakeshop